Monday, 22 October 2012

The Freedom Project

Please forgive me for not blogging for so long.

I did actually make this draft while I was in Denmark a few months ago, but due lack of technical 'know how', I was unable to upload it.  I planned not to publish it as it is so outdated, but then upon refection I decided to go ahead with it anyway.  So I apologize for it being late.  As the TV chef's would say, "Here's one I prepared for you earlier!!".....

Greetings from Denmark!!

 I am sorry that I haven't been able to post any blogs since March!! Yes, it finally happened, my laptop died!! It could possibly be resurrected, so I'm told, but at quite a hefty price for such a vintage laptop (5 years is a century in cyber years I believe, though I have to confess, I am very ignorant of all things web related!!). So I was taken off the cyber scene, with the exception of my iPhone. 

My children and I traveled from the Philippines to the UK at the end of April on our "Freedom Project" tour. So then I totally lost the 3G on my phone until I return to the Philippines in September!! 

On June 15, I turned fifty!!

What was so wonderful about turning half a century however, was that all my family in England clubbed together and bought me an iPad!! Yeah!  It was the perfect gift for me.  I love it!!!

So I am back to blogging at last. Turning fifty had it's benefits, but it's most likely downhill from now so I'm told. 

As I am very new to the iPad, it is taking me a while to get my head around it. Learning to get around without a mouse is not easy for this novice and there are no 6 year olds around for me to ask!! (I left my 7 kids and my grandson in the UK). Isn't that always the way, no 6 year olds around when you need technical advice, but when you are in the kitchen trying to cook dinner they're under your feet? lol!! So right now I am in Europe (which sounds glamorous, but I can only say that because I am writing this blog while in Denmark where I will be spending a grand total of 5 days.

The remainder of my time In Europe will be in the UK. Why was I invited to Denmark? Well I was invited to do some public speaking which is largely to do with the 'Freedom Project'. What is the 'Freedom Project'? 

Well, I can't remember if I've mentioned this to you in the past (what do you expect, I'm 50!!), but part of my involvement with prisoners in the Philippines is that while they are incarcerated, I offer to take their kids and give them a loving home and an education.

 Prisoners kids are the innocent victims of crime, especially in countries like the Philippines. When parents are arrested, the social services are not equipped to intervene for their children, and many then fall victim to abuse, when they turn to a neighbour or relative for food and shelter.  Others try to stay in jail with their parents and are even more vulnerable. We have taken children as young as 2 years old into our homes who have had a fear of the bathroom!! Such children need rescuing!! They need the chance of a loving home, a good education and a hope for the future. 

One day I was reading a story to my 6 year old son.... A little girl was at the sea shore and saw thousands of starfish. She stooped down and picked up a starfish and thew it into the sea (as starfish can only survive for 5 days out of the water). A man came along and told her that she was wasting her time because there were too many starfish. He told her that her efforts wouln't make a difference. The little girl then stooped down, picked up another starfish, threw it into the ocean and said, 'Well it made a difference to that one!' 

The 'Freedom Project' is a sponsorship program that offers the opportunity to help us rescue these children.   By sponsoring a child for just £15 ($25) to live in our children's home or to study in our school we can rescue children from abusive situations and/or extreme poverty and give them a hope of a future (check our website for details

 During the first two days in Denmark I spoke in a couple of colleges and today I spoke to a group in Herning, and more than 20 chose to rescue a child!! So a good day today for the 'Freedom Project' Yeah!!

When I return to the UK my children and I will be travelling the UK on behalf of 'the freedom project', hoping to raise sponsors, that will help keep our children's homes and school in the Philippines open, to serve children in need.

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